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Home studio.

Greetings, guitarists!

As we get things going during this first week of Introduction to guitar, lots will be happening:

  • Some of us will be learning to tune our guitars
  • We will be learning how to strum our first few chords
  • And we will be familiarizing ourselves with the Open Online course structure

Open online…. what? 

That’s right: in addition to those of you who are taking the course at Gleneagle, for credit, we have some folks out on the open web who have expressed an interest in learning alongside us, sharing their own learning with the community, and helping to create a musical community that has the potential to go on long after the course concludes this June.

To help merge these two contingents of the class, we will be using this blog space to document and share individual and collective learning with one another, to get feedback from a variety of sources, and to establish a network of resources for those looking to hone their guitar skills now and into the future. But I’d like to start us off gently, and allow folks from either side of the classroom to become familiar with the space and the people who will be working in it.

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to introduce yourself – in a manner of your choosing – here on the blog. Make a video, a recording, or write us a brief introduction to yourself, your musical history (or lack thereof), and what you’re hoping to learn as a part of this course.

Be sure to Categorize your post as a Course Introduction so that it will show up as a proper thread on the blog, and add your first name or avatar as a tag on the post. After you’ve submitted your own post: comment! Establish the initial connections that will be carrying us forward as a group. See if there are others interested in similar threads as you… maybe even brainstorm what your first assignment might be.

How to embed video on the blog

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Introduce yourself – let’s start there!


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    Mr. J’s Introduction Video « Introduction to Guitar said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    […] to this original post as well if need be (how to categorize posts and embed video in a post, for […]

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