My Guitar Story Isn’t a Guitar Story

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My Guitar Story Isn't a Guitar Story

My story is about my grandmother’s ukulele. My first encounter with it was as a child my brother and I ‘discovered’ it in a closet. It had with it a felt pick, now lost. My brother and I played with it for several years without learning a thing from it.

It is a Harmony ukulele built in 1960 or 1961. My grandmother bought this ukulele after my father went into the Marine Corps. Since my grandmother passed, I pieced together the when with my dad. He remembers her playing it when he came home. Doing a little internet research narrowed down the time period.

The ukulele is a pretty low end instrument. The neck is actually made out of plastic! The body is a very thick laminate which really mutes the sound. The original strings may have originated on one of my grandfather’s fishing poles.

Unfortunately I don’t have any memories of my grandmother playing it. It isn’t the best instrument I own, but it is the most special one.


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