Wolves – tenor guitar and mandolin

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I practiced a while with the bass riff, but couldn’t get that driving beat from the video out of my skull, so I thought I’d try to speed it up. To record this, I played a guitar part and recorded it in GarageBand. I used this as a ‘scratch track’ and muted it in the final mix, but it helps to keep the tune going when you mess up on chords and stuff with the other instruments. Then I played the tenor guitar, which is the main guitar part you hear. I messed around with different variations of the 3 chords, and different picking/strumming patterns. I’m learning this tenor thing, so its a work in progress. Then I thought to really push it, I’d try some mando. I really know very little about mandolin, so this part consisted of some chords and single note picking. The notes were the roots of the chord sequence for the main part DDEG, with a few odds and mistakes thrown in. I think I need to find somewhere to learn more about theory and picking/scales etc.. on these kinds of instruments.

I also have some static in the recording that just showed up. Don’t know what was going on with that. Anyone have any ideas? I had an external mic hooked up to my laptop, so I’m wondering if there was some interference of some kind there.

I also need a quieter chair… 🙂


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