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Im working on learning blues scale or the pentatonic scale, also learning the chord’s name by just hearing it. Basically i want to improve my hearing skills. I always dream playing lead guitar and can improvise any song i want without looking up the chords or tabs and make up solos on the spot. I watch a ton of youtube videos where the guitar players just improvise the song and not using the guitar techniques or chords used in the song. So basically im working learning guitar scales so i can play lead guitar.


One thought on “What am I working..

    tehdai said:
    February 15, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Hey Jason – you are doing absolutely the right thing in starting to learn lead guitar with pentatonic scales!

    One lovely tip is when you find the major pentatonic “box” shape, the minor pentatonic is directly on top of it (so the top note on the major “box” top E is the bottom note on the top E for the minor “box”! This is useful because – with a slight change of emphasis – the minor pentatonic becomes the blues scale for that key.

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