Performance Goal Setting

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We’ll be performing next week, and I will be away from class on Thursday. So to guide you today, I would like you to post a response on the blog to a few of the questions below in the hopes that it focuses your rehearsals and practice over the weekend and the first few days of next week. This will also help me assess your playing and support you as you get ready for your performance.

If you are playing in a group, I would still like you to post an individual Goal Setting post. 

  • Who are you working with? 
  • What will you be playing? (ie, a few chords; a cover song; an original)
  • What is challenging about what you are trying to play?
  • What are you looking forward to mastering with this performance? (How will you know you’ve mastered it?)

Please post your response to the above questions (and possibly even  a recording of where your preparation is at this point), be sure to tag with your name, and categorize as “Performance Goal Setting.”

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