Goal for the performance

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I am working with Chris, Jayden, Gary, Liandro, and another korean cutie which I have forgotten the name of and we are working on a song called “become dust” (literal translation from korean)

Honestly, as a new guitarist, this is waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond my level and what I should be actually playing, but due to the handsome pro’s of my group, I have been able to progress fast and learn semi-advanced skills. This is hard because it has a fairly fast pace and has the F key, which is a key that you have to bar chord(?) [not sure if that’s the term for it but anyhow] so it definitely won’t be easy. I’m looking forward to try to master the bar chord skill, which I already partly have by now, its just that its hard to transition into it on time. My fingers are a little clumsy yet so a few more hours of practice should do. Hope ya’ll are all looking forward to your performances and I’m excited to watch.



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