Class Song Introductions

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#IntroGuitar Performance Day
Captured for Posterity

Following last week’s rocking first performances, we’ll begin looking this week at putting together a repertoire of class songs through which we’ll begin to learn how to wield the awesome power of the Thirty Person Rock Band explored in block two last spring. This morning, each of our guitar-veterans is leading a small group of their peers in selecting a song they will teach the class, and then lead in rehearsals where we put together more polished versions that can be performed, recorded, or otherwise shard with our local or online community.

Once the songs have been selected (we have four groups), they will be introduced here on the blog, and filed under the Class Songs Introduction assignment category. Each of the group members should be added as a Tag on the introductory post that it will be filed with the rest of their work for this semester. Be sure to include the following, as well as any other introductory material you think will benefit us here:

  • Name your group! Not just the individuals: give your temporary-band a name. 
  • Why did your group choose your song? 
  • What is your goal for the song? What do you hope the class will learn by playing it?
  • Provide links to Tablature, Chords, Lyrics.
  • Embed a Youtube video of the song (or a tutorial for how to play it).
  • How do you see the song coming together? (ie, Instruments, tempo, key change?)

Open Online Participants

Don’t feel left out: We want to play with you, too! Feel free to contribute your own submission to the Class Song Introduction with a post, or by filling out this Request form, and we’ll see what we can do to put together a version here in Coquitlam.

You could also participate by showcasing a group you play with (or could play with) learning and orchestrating a new jam!


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