From Dease Lake to…

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In Dease Lake we are heading into Spring Break, but our Introduction to Guitar Class recorded this a couple of weeks ago in hopes of sharing it as the seed of a asynchronous jam.

We’ve played a few simple chords (AED), in a very simple way. Just a down-up strum on the 1+ of each bar. That pattern is as follows:

A [4x]  E [4x]  A [4x]  D [2X]  A [2X]  E [2X]  A [2X]

I spoke all the chord changes and the recording picked up all of them, so even with just a casual listen you should be able to pick it up real quick (and also be reminded to stay in school courtesy of Dean). We’d love it if someone would snag this, play on top and upload their version back to us. It gets lonely up here.


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