An original, work still in progress- Clayton

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I made it my goal today to record this song I’ve been writing, so after getting home from an extremely hectic musical theatre rehearsal, I decided to relax a little and do some laid back recording. I recorded a drum track, and 3 guitar parts for the first little bit of my song. Tomorrow, I’m planning on recording keyboard, bass, vocals, and anything else that I feel like adding in. Here’s a WIP of my “write a song” assignment. Hopefully you like it!

One thought on “An original, work still in progress- Clayton

    Bryan said:
    May 4, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Good stuff, Clayton! Along with a few of the Alluvium songs I heard last week, this has a bit of the sound of Vampire Weekend, and a few other current bands that made me think of a few throwback acts that you might be interested in checking out.

    One of those bands is Pavement, and the solo work of its lead singer, Stephen Malkmus:!/stephenmalkmus

    He has a huge catalogue of quirky songs that are mostly built around guitar riffs like a few of your recent compositions.

    But someone I think Alluvium might derive some inspiration from (if you haven’t stumbled upon them yet) is Television – ask Immy to fill you in on the role Television played in the early years of Patti Smith. With your band’s jazz roots, you might be able to do cool things with a song like “Marquee Moon:”!/s/Marquee+Moon/liO0x?src=5

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