IGNITE! Youth Fest: Some crazy guitar playing -Clayton

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As I advertised a few times in class this past week, my band played at Vancouver’s IGNITE! Youth Festival at “The Cultch.” I feel that we played a pretty good set, although there were some tech issues. We had more broken strings this gig, so that was fun too. All the fun and craziness aside, it was an amazing experience, and I feel so honoured to have gotten the chance to play at such an awesome event.
The band that played immediately after us (The last act of the night) was a band that I’m actually a big fan of- Michael Wood Band. I could go on forever about how cool they all are, but I don’t think I’ll do that on this blog.
Their last song was a cover of The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling,” and towards the end the lead guitarist played a pretty awesome solo behind his head. I thought I’d take a video to show the rest of the guitar class, so here it is!

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