GarageBand for iOS

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It’s no secret that I like and use iOS devices. In fact, last year I posted a video that went through some of the ones I found useful. Now that GarageBand is free with iOS7, if you’ve got an iPod/iPad/iPhone, it’s a must have for a musician.

Today I played just a bit with it, and produced this. It’s a cover of Josh Ritter’s Girl in the War (which incidentally I first learned about via last years course.) I played it on my tenor guitar and sang at the same time into one track. There are a few ‘oops’ moments, but oh well. I then thought I’d play with some of the software instruments, and I added a track that used the string section. So I’ve got this lush string sound that layers over the guitar and singing. It’s not great, and I’ll likely try and go back and make it better, but I thought I post it up for folks to see the kind of thing they can easily do.


One thought on “GarageBand for iOS

    bryanjack said:
    February 17, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    Nice work here, Colin! This is one of my favourite JR songs – though there really are so very very many… – to play, to listen to, you name it. I really like the texture of the recording, and was pleased to discover last week only, that GarageBand is now stock on iOs – crazy!

    That tenor guitar also has such a sweet sound… love it!

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