Brad Miller – what i have learned so far in guitar

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i have learnt a lot in the past couple weeks that ive had guitar class. i used to play guitar years ago and im remembering songs that i was trying to learn before and i would always get stuck. but now i find it a lot easier and the songs that i found myself stuck on i have actually learned some extra parts and the parts i already knew are sounding a lot better. ive learnt the next part that i havent learned in the song one by metalica. and many times in the past couple weeks i have been listening to music on my phone and ive hear some chords playing and i went on to learn those chords. i enjoy listening to the song learning the chords and being able to recreate the song and play it for myself. mr jackson also taught me blues scale and where to play them in each note according to bar chords and me and my friend austin have been doing some jamming with him on the piano and me just playing with the blues scale and we are planning on eventually putting a real song together for our enjoyment.  mr jackson told me that it would take a while with some practice to be able to solo really well, and he said it about knowing the note you wanna play and knowing where it is and playing quickly enough and and know what note i wanna play always i just can never find it so thats what im working towards.

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