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I’ve played guitar for about three or four years now, and enjoy it a lot. It’s a good go to for a quiet afternoon or a friendly gathering. Having actually taken an “Introduction to Guitar 11” class in grade 10, my role this time around is actually a little different. I’m technically a “Peer Tutor,” which means I’m around to help people out and just be around if anyone needs a hand.

I started working with a mentor in January 2011, taking lessons every couple of weeks for about five months. It was my in-depth project as a part of the TALONS program, and my experience was recorded on my blog. A year later, for my grade 10 in-depth project, I tried my hand at song-writing. Below is a performance of the song I wrote, playing on “Voyageur,” a guitar that is completely Canadian (except for the tuning pegs).


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