Performance Goal this week: Learning an acoustic jam by the 1975

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This week I’ve joined up with a few seniors from the block two drama class (which is coming to watch our performances this Friday) to join them in an acoustic cover of the 1975’s song, “Settle Down.”

Jayden, Mitch, Paul and Dylan are in a band in part inspired by their mutual affection for the 1975, and I’m grateful for the invite to play with them this week. It’s always interesting to work with a group of musicians who have a method, or at least some loosely formed habits, for arranging songs and performances, as my own musical studies of late have revolved around just this sort of band-collaboration.  The gents from drama have been particularly gracious in setting aside lunchtimes to teach and rehearse the song with me, and I’m looking forward to seeing the song come together.

I’ve embedded a recording of our rehearsal today at lunch (my first stab at rhythm guitar on the song), and in the next few days, we will be looking to tighten up our timing, as well as the dynamics at work in the catchy, originally-synth-based tune.


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