Remixing Assignments

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Courtesy of Kabnotes’ Blog

While the last two weeks saw the face-to-face class of #IntroGuitar participants away on Spring Break, we’ve returned this week with the intention of taking our assignments to the next level by adding an element of collaboration and remixing to the proceedings.

Taking inspiration from Tim Owens, Martha Burtis and Alan Levine‘s visionary assignment bank for the University of Mary Washington’s Digital Storytelling 106 course, where course participants can remix and combine different existing assignments – and responses to those assignments – into new materials, our work this week has been organized around the requirement that it has to build on work already on the site.

What this might mean is:

We’d like to invite our open online participants to join us this week by delving into some of the work on the site and seeing where it might take you. Taking inspiration from some of the global collaborations that have taken wing in #IntroGuitar so far, hopefully we can make something exciting happen while strengthening the bonds between our realtime and digital classmates.

If you’d like to offer a remix assignment, be sure to link to the original work you’re building on, and include the appropriate assignment tags and categories.



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