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You will be required to prepare a number of different assignments throughout the semester that you will have a lot of choice in completing, both in what types of projects and performances you choose to complete, and the manner in which (ie, with whom) you complete them.

Each of the assignments below are categorized by the type of assessment you may choose to document your learning. You will be required to complete a variety of assessments on a regular basis, on your own and in small groups.

It is expected that recorded materials, where applicable, are shared on this blog with the appropriate assignment category and tag, so that they can be sorted appropriately.

Video Assignments

Upload your video assignments to your own or the class Youtube account and post them on the blog using the appropriate category. 

Take Away Shows
Record a one take video of a performance in an interesting location (based on the Take Away Shows Blog). 

Document(ary) of Learning
Narrate your process of learning a specific skill or song on the guitar. 

Document of Classroom Learning
Capture an example of classroom learning in action. 

Create an instructional video that teaches a specific skill or song on the guitar. 

Audio Assignments

Upload your audio assignments to or and link to them / embed them in a post on the blog under the appropriate category. 

Expository Podcast
Explain something about guitar theory, deconstruct one of your favourite songs, provide instruction, or reflection on your own (or our own) learning.

Clips from Class Podcast
Collect voice memos and other recordings from class, and share as your own podcast (with you as host). 

Sample Recording 
Share a recording of yourself (and others) playing. 

Asynchronous Recording
Download a recording from someone in the class (or outside) playing live music, and record yourself playing along with them. 

Acoustic Covers
Record an acoustic cover of a song that, in its initial incarnation, bears little resemblance to a stripped-down solo/duet effort. 

Fake _____ Plays Real ______
Adapt children’s books (as most of them rhyme, though why stop there?) in the style of a notable guitarist or performer.

General Assignments

What I’m Working On 
Just like it sounds: tell us what you’re working on. 

Tell the Story of Your Guitar
What kind is it?  Where / how did you come to acquire it?  What type of music do you like to play on it? Is there a good story of playing the guitar someplace significant? 

Introduce a New Chord
Introduce the class to a new chord, the scales and key(s) it’s a part of, and any other interesting connections you feel are worth sharing.

First Performance
Where and what was your first musical performance? How did it go? What has performing been like for you since? 

Performance Goal Setting
Introduce your goals and how you are approaching your upcoming performance(s). 

What can you strum? 
For Will, and Clay and anyone else learning / using other strummable instruments, we’d love to ‘meet’ your ukeleles, banjos or bass guitars. And anything else you can strum, of course! 

Or, create your own assignment by completing an example and sharing it under a new category on the blog.


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