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Building off Adam’s Chords – Drew (Remixing Assignment)

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I saw Adam’s assignment and decided to do a little more with the chords he played which were G, C and D.

Link to Adam’s assignment:


Coattail Rider

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So I thought I’d try to build off of CogDog’s Doors cover by adding a bass track. Not too happy with the way it came out – it’s a bit too loud in the mix at times, and doesn’t feel like it complements what he did, except for in a few parts. But it’s a start.

Asynchronous Jam

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This was based on the that Mr. Jackson posted, so I added a little bit of stuff onto it. This is my first time trying something like this, so this probably doesn’t sound that great or fit the original assignment that well, but..oh well.

Experimenting with stroking patterns-Tiffany

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For my remix assignment, I made a rendition of Joseph M’s stroking pattern assignment, which can be found at this link:

I chose to make a remix of his stroking pattern because I wanted to focus more on my right hand this week. Since I’ve gotten the hang of changing chords now, I’ve been working on my strumming skills.
Joseph’s stroking pattern was a starting point, but in the end, I changed it a lot to work for me. The chords I used were G, Em and D.

Iris is playing with me in this recording because playing alone just felt too lonely.

Remix assignment- Em G D A (Acoustic Backing track) By Jason U.

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I saw a chord progression I liked and made my own backing track of it. It’s nothing special, It’s just my strumming this chords. I might add a lead guitar next time I do it.

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