Fake ______ plays Real ______

Fake Neil Young (with real Bruce Springsteen) plays Real Willow Smith

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There are a lot of these, but I believe this collaboration Bruce Springsteen is one of the first. See also: “Sexy and I know it” (again as Neil & Bruce), the Doors sing the theme from “the Reading Rainbow,” and Bob Dylan’s version of the theme from “Charles in Charge.”


Fake Bob Dylan plays Real Brett Dennen

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A little rough around the edges, but hopefully this makes it closer to the True Dylan.

Fake Mraz plays Real BIG

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Ready for a hip hop cover

The Fake ______ plays Real _______ Assignment

Adapt a song /children’s book / nursery rhyme to suit another performer ‘s style. 

I don’t know how well I pull off Mraz’ vocal stylings just yet, but it was interesting to find at the heart of a popular 90’s rap hit the same four chords you can find in any number of Mrazzy pop hits.

Here’s Notorious BIG’s original treatment (the clean version) of “Juicy,” and here is a first attempt at Fake Jason Mraz plays Real BIG:

Something interesting to find about (my adaptation) of the song’s hook is that it follows the I / V / VI / IV structure that you might recognize from songs like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge,” but also Mraz’ own “I’m Yours.”


Fake _________ plays Real _________

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Again courtesy of the Open Culture blog, I came across this gem of a Bob Dylan impersonation-gone-surreal with “covers” / remixes of Dr. Seuss books:

Five years ago, a 30-something music producer from Houston, Texas got a big idea. Why not take his two favorite things — Bob Dylan and Dr. Seuss, of course — and mash them up into one original creation. Hence came Dylan Hears a Who, a mock album that took seven Dr. Seuss classics and put them to the melodies and imitated voice of Mr. Dylan. The cuts went viral, giving Dylan-Seuss fans worldwide the chance to enjoy creative takes on Green Eggs and Ham (above); The Cat in the Hat; Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! (below); Too Many Daves; and The Zax. Soon enough, the songs faded into YouTube oblivion, awaiting the day when a digital archaeologist would come along and do an excavation. Well, today’s the day. Enjoy!

This led me to another idea for an assignment I would love to see some folks in #IntroGuitar run with: Fake _________ plays Real _________ wherein you could attempt to adapt children’s books (as most of them rhyme, though why stop there?) in the style of a notable guitarist or performer.

While electric, friend of #IntroGuitar David Kernohan has an excellent Jimi Hendrix-inspired cover of the Spice Girls “Two become One” that I heartily recommend.