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Does this past the test?

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Somehow I got it in my head to try to play English Civil War, an old song by The Clash. I though it would be pretty easy because it’s all eighth notes and power chords. It didn’t come out very well, but I didn’t expect it to. I was experimenting with doing multiple tracks in Audacity. I played it through on guitar, then tapped along with it to make a pseudo-percussion track, then sort of sang over it, then threw in some arpeggios. When I exported it to an mp3, Audacity mixed it down to two tracks.

I got the chords and lyrics from Ultimate Guitar Archive. Here’s what it’s supposed to sound like:


Challenge accepted

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So here’s my attempt at the bass track for Van Morrison’s Wild Night. Maybe someone can download it and play over it and make me look good. Or at least better.

Playing with a metronome is hard. I can really empathize with this guy (Warning: cat video). I slowed it down to 110 beat per minute, and left at least four bars of lead-in to make it a little easier for anyone else to play along with it. I’m not sure how many mistakes I made. The pattern I was trying for was
verse – pre-chorus – chorus – verse – pre-chorus – chorus – chorus

Gauntlet, thrown down.

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Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 2.27.04 PM

In my continued effort to accumulate an untouchable amount of stars worth of assignments this week, here are three recordings I made with Chris today in the cafe.


Acoustic Riff in A (I think)

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I came up with this riff near the end of class today and wanted to post it so that I (or others) might run away with it and add lyrics or expand it out to a fuller song. The main bass note is F# throughout, with some noodling on the D / G strings; I threw in some Bmaj / Amaj chords at various points as well.

If you so choose, adding to the riff will garner you half of these stars as well. Go nuts!

Spontaneous Jam: Tropic Moon by Bruce Cockburn -Clayton

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After getting home from a choir rehearsal at around 9:00, my dad and I had dinner and randomly started playing guitar. I’m glad I had my phone handy with audioboo, because I thought “I should record my dad playing and put it up on the blog.”

It’s pretty quiet in the beginning because I heard him playing and started recording from the kitchen, then made my way over to where he was with my cajon drum.

Music is everywhere. ALL THE TIME.