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Introducing my Guitar-Tiffany Kim

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Seeing musically gifted people these days makes me wonder if I would have been able to play like them upon further pursuing my musical ability, which is basically what motivated me to get my own guitar.  

I really want to improve on my playing, not for a good mark in class, but for my own benefit.

At my trip to Long & McQuade, I was sitting in the little room, contemplating over whether or not I should get a classical guitar or a slightly bigger one with steel strings. The classical guitar would hurt my fingers less, but the sound wouldn’t be as great, while the one with steel strings would provide me with the exact opposite service. This man, in a leather jacket, who had been wandering around the room, trying out an assortment of guitars, stopped by me on his way out. I asked him for his advice, and he was very friendly about helping me choose the right guitar, more so than the guy who actually worked there. The employee had just abandoned me in my haze of confusion.  The strange thing is, I had a feeling that the man in the leather jacket would stroll over to me sometime. He looked like a person in love with music. And I think that is why music is a worldwide medium through which people can communicate and relate to each other. Anyway, I ended up following his advice and getting the guitar with steel strings. When I become as experienced as him, I hope I’ll have a bursting desire to help beginners as well.

Here’s my guitar:


I’ve been putting aside an hour or two each day to practice, usually playing a combination of chords in preparation to playing my first song. When I looked around on the internet yesterday for songs that beginners would have better luck with learning, every site or expert seemed to suggest ‘Free Fallin. The song only uses three of the same chords repeatedly, so I decided to learn this song first!

Although playing a song with only three chords sounds pretty easy, it’s honestly still super hard for me. My short-term goal is to master this song in a week or two.

But, my long-term goal is to be able to play My hope by Paul Baloche on guitar. It is one of my favourite songs, and it sounds beautiful on guitar. The chords are super difficult, but I hope that I’ll be able to play this song by the end of the semester or sooner. Wish me luck!


Introducing my first guitar

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Alan’s Old Guitar

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I’m back again for Intro to Guitar, with not much progress in a year, but I still love strumming around. I pretty much told the story of my Takamine last year (and it sounds similar to Irwin’s story).

Those who have guitars they have held a lot know that familiar feeling. Mine has its share of scratches, and there is a camping story of the ding in the bottom right, and that G string peg which has needed replacement screws for decades.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

Looking forward to another go around.

Intro to my guitar 2014

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Hello everyone – intro to my guitar, on video for 2014


[edit] ooh, I’m up for cover or lesson requests if anyone wants me to do anything in particular….

Course introduction #IntroGuitar

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My name is Irwin DeVries and I’m happy to participate in this online guitar class. I’ve added a brief audio clip with an introduction and a snippet of my more acoustic-ey guitar sound. I have other, noisier sounds as well. But we’ll get to that…there’s lots of time! I’ve played for many years and yet have so much to learn. I’m happy to share ideas and feedback, and to gain any advice from others in the class. So here’s a little intro, to get the ball rolling.

Tell the Story of Your Guitar

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During the 5th grade, I would say I had a slight attraction to music. With no reason what so ever, my mother bought me my first guitar. It was a black beauty. It was legit black. It was amazing, to me, it had curves like no other guitar. The strings moved like the loud waves of the ocean. Idk. I played my guitar for several years until I realized that I was pretty bad and I should focus harder in school. I decided to put down my guitar for a while and this is when I forgot everything about it. That’s why I joined Guitar class!! The End

The Adventures of Willie Nelson & Trigger

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Courtesy of CBC Music by way of Grant Potter on Willie Nelson‘s 80th Birthday:

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