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John Prine Style Fingerpicking

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Does this past the test?

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Somehow I got it in my head to try to play English Civil War, an old song by The Clash. I though it would be pretty easy because it’s all eighth notes and power chords. It didn’t come out very well, but I didn’t expect it to. I was experimenting with doing multiple tracks in Audacity. I played it through on guitar, then tapped along with it to make a pseudo-percussion track, then sort of sang over it, then threw in some arpeggios. When I exported it to an mp3, Audacity mixed it down to two tracks.

I got the chords and lyrics from Ultimate Guitar Archive. Here’s what it’s supposed to sound like:

Free Fallin’ Chords-Tiffany Kim

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I’ve been “attempting” to learn this new song, but I’ve barely had any time to practice. So, this is just a recording of the Free Fallin’ chords, D, G (the hard G) and A. I just need to learn the rhythm now, and more strumming techniques. Sorry if this hurts your ears.

Chord Combo-Tiffany Kim

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This is just a chord combo Ryan and I put together. The Chords go 8 counts of G (the country thing, where your pointer finger switches from the B string and G string), four counts of E minor, four counts of D, two slower counts of E minor and two counts of C. Then, it repeats. In the beginning, I randomly started by strumming the G chord and ended doing something randomly too.

Stuff I’m Working On – Drew

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Hi everyone, this week I have been working on a couple of songs to learn those being Sunshine of Your Love by Eric Clapton and Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.
Here they are

Sunshine of Your Love – on this I haven’t quite gotten the solo down so I reduced it to just the first two verses

Kryptonite – this is an early play through of the full song, which I am going to polish up and attempt again