John Prine Style Fingerpicking

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Josh Ritter’s “Wolves” (2014 Edition)

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Beginning with the same chords, we find ourselves in a similar situation to last year:

In class over the next few days, to build on our initial knowledge of D major and E minor, we’ll be playing Josh Ritter‘s song “Wolves,” from his stellar fourth album, Animal Years.

In what could be called an AAA song structure, Ritter uses the repeating patter of D / D / Em / G (although he seems to play live with a capo on the second fret) to build a galloping country anthem along the riff:


The above riff, and this complete tab are courtesy of & the work of Matt Rowly.

You can hear #IntroGuitar’s first efforts at the chord progression below, recorded live February 19th, 2014:

As well, here is a slow bass riff for beginners to accompany and strum along to in learning the progression (there is also a brief introduction to making/participating in Asynchronous Jams in this post):

Last year, Colin Jagoe also made an excellent rhythm track that’s a little faster than the bassline above and employs both his tenor guitar, and a mandolin. Enjoy!

I added vocals to Colin’s track here:

Course introduction #IntroGuitar

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My name is Irwin DeVries and I’m happy to participate in this online guitar class. I’ve added a brief audio clip with an introduction and a snippet of my more acoustic-ey guitar sound. I have other, noisier sounds as well. But we’ll get to that…there’s lots of time! I’ve played for many years and yet have so much to learn. I’m happy to share ideas and feedback, and to gain any advice from others in the class. So here’s a little intro, to get the ball rolling.

Blue Skies smilin’ at me -Clayton

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In the spirit of the sun coming out, my band and I decided to do an impromptu cover of the popular swing tune, “Blue Skies,” at English Bay.

Airbag by Radiohead (Cover) at English Bay -Clayton

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I got the chance to play my very first guitar again at English Bay on a very sunny Sunday.

Acoustic cover: Travelling Song

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A Bright Eyes cover on the eve of the Adventure Trip.